Our services

From the first analysis of your buying potential to the final transfer of funds, you can count on us!

The DL MoneyPark method for acquiring a primary or secondary residence in 3 steps:

STEP 1 : Complete assessment of your personal situation and feasibility analysis

The first consultation in our offices seeks to create a detailed portrait of your situation, to give you essential information on real estate financing, and to analyse the feasibility of your plan.

We will offer you the following:

Duration : approximately 1½ hrs
Fees : 1st consultation is free with no commitment

IMPORTANT : We request that you come to our first consultation with knowledge of the approximate rates that we will be able to apply to your portfolio and an estimatation of the tax savings that our strategies could produce. Also, please take note of our services and fees. You will be totally free to choose whether or not to pursue financing with DL MoneyPark.

STEP 2 : Detailed study of your financial strategy

In our offices, we will conduct a detailed study of your strategy that includes:

  • The selection of personal equity
  • Study of the best mortgage offers that we will be able to negotiate for you
  • Calculation of taxation strategies for optimising financing
  • Advice concerning the financing plan
  • Advice concerning the amortisation strategy
  • Personalised comparative analysis of the 3rd bank pillar with guaranteed interest and investment funds, and if necessary, of life insurance plans required by the financial institution with a calculation of various taxes and expenses
  • Personalised comparative study of 3rd pillar life insurance with participation of surplus and investment funds from the four best options available
  • Analysis of cover in case of death, invalidity and retirement
  • Study of life insurance taxation in the case of death for spouses, cohabitating partners, registered partners, etc.
  • Calculation of transfer fees
  • Calculation of the tax on your anticipated withdrawal from your 2nd and 3rd pillars
  • Simulation and optimisation of your future taxes
  • Calculation of rental value
  • Planning for maximal tax deductions (maintenance work and/or renovation, buying from years of 2nd pillar contributions, etc.)
  • Calculation of total tax savings to be earned during the chosen rate duration
  • Advice on the real estate lien (mortgage note)

Duration: approximately 1½ hrs

STEP 3 : Finalisation of your real estate acquisition

In our offices, at the bank and at the notary, we will finalise your project with:

  • Signatures of all mortage contracts and other relevent documents
  • Signature of all amortisation contracts
  • Organisation and signature of potential requests to withdraw or use pension funds as collateral
  • Technical and administrative coordination of fund transfers
  • Complete processing of your file

Duration : approximately 1 ½ hrs.
Fees : included in Step 2