New acquisition

DL offers personalised guidance throughout the acquisition process.

For every acquisition, a financial plan !

We offer complete and customised service. Following an assessment of your buying potential, we will conduct a detailed study of your plan, analyse its feasibility, create a financial strategy, negotiate the best rates, optimise taxation, choose insurances, handle legal factors, and manage all administration... We are here to advise you all the way to the finalisation of your purchase.

Our 3-step approach :

Favourable rates, advice, and management

By putting your trust in DL MoneyPark for the acquisition of your real estate property, you will benefit from the following advantages:

  • The most favourable interest rates on the market
  • Advice on tax optimisation
  • Analysis of your retirement and other contingency plans
  • Advice on the legal aspects of acquisition
  • Complete management of all administration (notary, fund transfers, forms to be filled out)

Our consultants will answer all of your questions

Acquiring a property is a complex process that involves a large number of intrinsically linked variables. The goal at DL MoneyPark is to faciliate the understanding of these variables for our clients. All of our consultants have a talent for listening and explaining concepts in everyday terms.