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Make DL MoneyPark the partner of your real estate project and benefit from
the expertise of its advisors.

Founded in 2006, DL MoneyPark is a neutral, independent company and the Western Switzerland leader in real estate financing solutions and mortgage brokering. In July 2017, DL merged with MoneyPark, giving birth to an even larger independent mortgage brokerage network in Switzerland.

Located in the French-speaking Switzerland, DL MoneyPark works with a wide network of partners who provide a comprehensive and immediate view of the market, allowing current and future homeowners to obtain the most attractive rates available. What’s more, DL MoneyPark’s expertise in banking, insurance and tax guarantees its clients the best long-term financial strategy for cutting costs and managing risks.

DL MoneyPark takes a personal approach to all aspects of real estate financing, from loan negotiation and inheritance analysis to tax strategies and administration.

Handling each case with the utmost ethical care, DL MoneyPark uses its high-level skillset to provide homeowners and investors with complete, simple, transparent solutions. 

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DL MoneyPark is at your service :

Quality advice
  • Personalized advice
  • Adapted solutions
  • Simplified procedures
  • Ethical approach
Quality offer
  • Independent offers
  • Best rate terms
  • Tax optimisation
  • Future planning
Quality execution
  • Efficiency
  • Completeness
  • Precision
  • Transparency
You gather the documents, you make the decisions -- Let us take care of the rest!

General information :

Corporate name: MoneyPark SA
Head office: Churerstrasse 54 – 8808 Pfäffikon
Phone: 021 348 10 10 - Fax: 021 348 10 11
Trade Register extract: CHE-278.750.884