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Third-party liability responsibility insurance (private RC)

The purpose of this insurance is to cover the economic consequences of incidents which effect the private life of another individual, or in other words, when the insured is liable as a third-party or obliged to remedy the damage he or she has inflicted on others.

Like household insurance, third-party liability responsibility insurance (private RC) is divided by categories of coverage, namely:

  • private insurance in which only the policyholder is insured
  • family insurance in which the whole family is insured provided that its members meet the requirements defined in the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance
  • other persons living in the same household, most insurers provide for the possibility of including them in the policy

In addition to covering well-founded claims, private third-party liability insurance will work as a passive legal protection and defend the insured who are prosecuted or sued for incidents they are not responsible for.

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