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Author : Kristen

Marginal tax rate

In order to develop an efficient tax strategy , you should consider the marginal tax rate. Let us help you understand what this means.

First, a distinction should be made between the tax rate and the marginal tax rate. The tax rate represents the percentage of tax to be paid in direct relation to the taxable income. The higher the taxable income, the higher the tax rate, and vice versa.

The marginal tax rate allows us to calculate tax cuts or raises generated by decreases or increases in taxable income. The rate also varies depending on taxable income. To give you an idea, for single residents of Lausanne, this has recently been around 35% for a taxable income of CHF 100,000, 42% for CHF 150,000, 46% for CHF 200,000 and 48% for 250,000.

In other words, a marginal tax rate of 40% means that a decrease in taxable income of CHF 10,000 results in CHF 4,000 in tax savings, and vice versa.

DL MoneyPark determines with you the marginal tax rate that is applicable to your situation.

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