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Home-builder liability insurance

As we already mentioned, construction and construction works insurance covers the deterioration or destruction of the insured works, but heavy activity on the site can also cause damage to others. The legal provisions on third-party liability make the home-builder liable for dangers created by their construction site and oblige them to take all necessary measures to avoid any damaging events. Home-builder liability insurance protects the home-builder against claims for damages from injured third-parties.

For example, vibrations from excavation works might spread to a neighbouring property and cause cracks in the walls or playing children might get hurt on the site if it is improperly fenced. This coverage protects you from all damage to third parties.

As with all building third-party liability insurance, home-builder liability insurance protects not only the site personnel (contractors, workers) who work for insured property owners, but also the land owners against potential human errors and environmental damage caused by an insured event.

Like all third-party liability insurance policies, home-builder liability insurance works as a passive legal protection.

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